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Conference paper presented in “ ICPR 2014”

Saddam Bekhet presented his accepted paper in  ICPR2014 , Stockholm, Sweden
The paper title is “Compact Signature-based Compressed Video Matching Using Dominant Colour Profiles (DCP)

Abstract— This paper presents a novel technique for efficient and generic matching of compressed video shots, through compact signatures extracted directly without decompression. The compact signature is based on the Dominant Color Profile (DCP); a sequence of dominant colors extracted and arranged as a sequence of spikes in analogy to the human retinal representation of a scene. The proposed signature represents a given video shot with ~490 integer values, facilitating for real-time processing to retrieve a maximum set of matching videos. The technique is able to work directly on MPEG compressed videos, without full decompression, as it utilizes the DC-image as a base for extracting color features. The DC-image has a highly reduced size, while retaining most of visual aspects, and provides high performance compared to the full I-frame. The experiments and results on various standard datasets show the promising performance, both the accuracy and the efficient computation complexity, of the proposed technique.

Congratulations and well done for Saddam and Amr.

DSC_0402  DSC_0409   DSC_0393   DSC_0283


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