The following are the current members of the DCAPI research group. The group continues to attract members, and associate/visiting members, from various disciplines and the list will be updated regularly.

Academic Members:

  • Dr Amr Ahmed          {Senior Lecturer—Leader of the DCAPI}
  • Dr David Cobham      {Senior Academic – Head of School of Computer Science]
  • Prof. Shigang Yue      {Professor – Computer Science}
  • Dr Ola Ogunyemi      {Principal Lecturer – Journalism}


PGRs & Researchers:

  • Miss Alyaa Amer          {PhD Researcher}
  • Miss Noha Ghatwary  {PhD Researcher}
  • Mr Hussein Alahmer  {PhD Researcher}
  • Mr Saddam Bekhet      {PhD Researcher}
  • Mr Ashiqur Rahman  {MSc by Research}


  • Mrs Deema AbdealHafeth       {MSc by Research – Graduated in 2014}
  • Dr Amjad Altadmri                    {PhD Researcher – Graduated in 2013}
  • Dr Haytham Mohtasseb          {PhD Researcher – Graduated in 2013}
  • Dr Zaheer Ahmed                      {RA, iNET mobility scooter project}
  • Mr Ahmed Sadek                       [Internship Researcher, Mobility Scooter Project, 2010]
  • Mr Hassan Saif                          [ Internship Researcher, Acupuncture Project, 2010]
  • Mr Zachary Markham              [EROS’10 Researcher, iPhone routing project, 2010]
  • Mr Anas Salman                        [ Internship Researcher, Masterig DHS poject, 2009]
  • Mr Fawaz Alarfaj                       {MPhil/PhD 2009-2010}
  • Mr Oliver Cannings                   {MSc by Research 2009-2010}

We welcome any discussion and potential collaboration. Please get in touch with us (contacts on the left side-bar).

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