Our main interest in this area is in developing intuitive techniques for easy interaction with digital contents for applications such as virtual and augmented reality that serve the wider communities (including disabled and elderly people). [Projects] [Publications]

We are partners on a recently announced New Dynamics of Ageing project SUS-IT investigating the role of ICT in promoting and supporting the sustainability and independence at home for older people, and how they sustain their ICT usage and skills. [Projects….] [Publications….]

The LIT {Lincoln Interaction Toolkit} has been developed to provide vision-based and motion sensors-based interaction to web-based applications, through Flash.

Example applications ranges from bar-code reading to games. 

 We are also collaborating with consultants from the NHS to develop a virtual medical training system for junior surgeons.

In previous research, we developed an online Handwriting recognition for Arabic alphabets, with word segmentation (as Arabic writing is cursive by nature)

We welcome any discussion and potential collaboration. Please get in touch with us (contacts on the right side-bar).

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