Welcome to the DCAPI research group.

Our multi-disciplinary research is mainly focused on the analysis and mining of digital contents (Visual; images and videos, and textual). This includes Computer VisionImage/Video Processing and analysisSemantic AnalysisannotationAction recognitionImage/Video Matching and similarity (Copy & Near-Duplicate detection), medical imaging, and many others (list below).







A list of topics we are currently interested in, includes:

·         Video Annotation.
·         Video scene understanding and semantic analysis.
·         Integration of knowledge with computer vision for semantic scene understanding.
·         Contents-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR).
·         Applications in Medical image & video analysis, Diagnosis and health-related applications, including:
o   CBIR and fusion of multimodal data for diagnosis.
o   Surgery planning and Virtual Training (Virtual & Augmented Reality)

* Personal Health monitoring & screening.



We welcome any discussion and potential collaboration. Please get in touch with us (contacts on the right side-bar).

 Interested in joining us as a “Research Fellow”, or PhD/MSc Researcher?
Get in touch by emailing aahmed@lincoln.ac.uk