Medical Imaging Summer School “MISS’16”

Noha Ghatwary and Alyaa Amer  attended the Medical Imaging Summer School that was held in Favignana, Sicily. They had the chance to engage with around 160 medical image researchers and share their knowledge through discussion and reading groups. The school held several lectures that discussed different topics presented by different Lectures expert in that field. Also, Noha Ghatwary had the chance to present […]

2016 ISBI AIDA-E Barrett’s Challenge Winner

Noha Ghatwary and the Team submitted the  proposed Barrett’s Esophagus Classification model to the “Analysis of Images to Detect Abnormalities in Endoscopy” challenge that was held in the ISBI 2016 at Prague. The proposed model was the winner of the challenge. Congratulations everyone!!!  

PGRs Showcase Event

Members of DCAPI have presented and showed their research work in the Annual Showcase Event for the School of Computer Science, University of Lincoln. (14th and 15th May).  Saddam also won the “Best Demo” prize for his video matching & retrieval interactive demo.                         […]

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