OpenCV workshop

Saddam Bekhet, member of the DCAPI group  demonstrated  workshop about Using OpenCV  with Visual Studio 2010 Express edition on 23/01/2013 . In addition a demonstration about basic OpenCV operations (loading & manipulating images) and advanced operations (face detector & tracker from live camera stream) was demonstrated. Face detection example link Summary of installation settings of OpenCV : 1- Download OpenCV files […]

New Journal paper Accepted to the “Multimedia Tools and Applications”

New Journal paper accepted for publishing in the Journal of “Multimedia Tools and Applications“. The paper title is “A Framework for Automatic Semantic Video Annotation utilising Similarity and Commonsense Knowledgebases” Abstract: The rapidly increasing quantity of publicly available videos has driven research into developing automatic tools for indexing, rating, searching and retrieval. Textual semantic representations, such as […]

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