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OpenCV workshop

Saddam Bekhet, member of the DCAPI group  demonstrated  workshop about Using OpenCV  with Visual Studio 2010 Express edition on 23/01/2013 . In addition a demonstration about basic OpenCV operations (loading & manipulating images) and advanced operations (face detector & tracker from live camera stream) was demonstrated.

Face detection example link

Summary of installation settings of OpenCV :
1- Download OpenCV files
2- Download CMAKE
3- Use CMAKE to generate OpenCV library AND DLL’s  and use x64 architecture or the architecture what ever suites you  in VS2010
4-Open OpenCV build folder and search for “OpenCV.sln”  then compile it.
5- Remember to but openCV DLL’s beside The Debug \EXEDirectory of your project in Visual Studio
6- Rememeber to install intel threading block and put the DLL called  tbb.dll in  your visual studio debug\EXE

Include direcories in VS2010 Project–>Properities–>VC++ Directories

Library direcories in VS2010 Project–>Properities–>Linker–>Input
Linker–> Input
opencv_core242X.lib opencv_imgproc242X.lib opencv_highgui24X.lib opencv_ml242X.lib opencv_video242X.lib  opencv_features2d2X.lib opencv_features2d2X.lib opencv_calib3d242X.lib opencv_objdetect242X.lib opencv_contrib242X.lib
opencv_legacy242X.lib opencv_flann242X.lib opencv_nonfree242X.lib

Make sure to reblace “X” in the previous file names with correct naming of the generated OpenCV library files for example on my machine it is “opencv_nonfree242d.lib”